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The Welfare Benefits Service is a team of experienced benefits advisors who provide confidential advice on all Social Security Benefits, Tax Credits, grants and discretionary payments

Many people do not receive payments they are entitled to because they believe that their income or savings are too high. However a lot of benefits are not means tested and can be paid regardless of financial circumstances. We can help you to identify the correct benefit(s) for your individual circumstances and assist you with completing the necessary forms.

In some instances we are able to complete and sign the forms on your behalf. Benefits advice can be given over the telephone, face to face by appointment at one of our sites across the County or, in exceptional circumstances we can visit you in your own home.

In 2011 the Welfare service dealt with 2639 referrals for benefit advice and as a result of these referrals £5,426,965 of additional benefits were claimed and awarded with our help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Welfare Benefits Service is available to patients, carers and families of anyone over 18 who is suffering from a life limiting illness or has a cancer diagnosis and is registered with a Lincolnshire General Practitioner (GP).

We accept referrals from any health care professional, from patients’ carers and families. (Please ensure the patient has given permission for their details to be given to us)

Our Central Referral Line Number is 01476 513544 which is open Monday to Thursday 8.30 to 16.30 and Fridays 8.30 to 12.30. Messages can be left outside these times on our secure answer machine.

A DS1500 form is a medical report for people who are suffering from a terminal illness and can only be completed by a Doctor, Consultant or Specialist Nurse. This report will fast track some benefit claims and will also exempt some people from having to wait a lengthy qualifying period before claiming some disability benefits.

Terminal illness is defined in Social Security legislation as ‘a progressive disease where death as a consequence of that disease can reasonably be expected within 6 months.’

We can help you identify the correct benefit(s) for your individual circumstances and assist you to complete and sign the forms. If you prefer to check what you may be entitled to yourself, the link below will take you to the Government information site which has an online calculator and / or click to see examples of people who have been helped by our service.

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