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The Palliative Care Co-ordination Centre is based in our inpatient unit on Nettleham Road in Lincoln. The centre consists of a number of co-ordination administrators and specialist palliative care nurses.

The centre plans and co-ordinates care packages to support patients who have been diagnosed with any life-limiting illness, so that they can stay safely at home if that is their preferred place of care.

The co-ordination centre arranges care from a number of providers including our own Hospice at Home teams, night care and Rapid Response services by Marie Curie and, where healthcare funding has been allocated, private care agencies.

The choice of provider and the number of visits allocated depends on the patient’s clinical needs and urgency of those needs. These needs are determined by regular assessment of the patient and their family circumstances.

In order to achieve the patient’s preferred place of care, the centre aims to provide the right level of care to the right patient at the right time.

As a central point for access to information and services, our staff provide advice and support for patients, their families and for those caring for them.

The PCCC is open 365 days per year, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, weekends and bank holidays 9am to 5pm.

Tel no: 0845 055 0708

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is for all patients who have a life-limiting illness, no matter what that illness is.

The package of care reflects how ill a person is, so it can be increased or decreased, depending on patient need.

Whether a patient is admitted to the inpatient unit is a decision which is made by a doctor at the hospice inpatient unit after discussion with the patient’s doctor. The inpatient unit is where patients’ complicated symptoms are addressed.

The majority of staff who provide care are healthcare assistants. The patients who are most ill get the most specialist end of life care, and these specialists also support staff who may not have as much experience.

Anyone can refer a patient to the PCCC. A healthcare professional then will assess the patient’s needs and decide on the most appropriate way to meet them. Referrals can be faxed or rung through to the PCCC.