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Disabled Parking Blue Badge

Who automatically qualifies for a Blue Badge?

Anyone over two years old automatically qualifies for a Blue Badge if they:

Who else may qualify for a Blue Badge?

Anyone who has a permanent and substantial disability which means:

A permanent and substantial disability is one that is likely to last for all your life. Eligibility is not determined on the basis of a particular diagnosis or condition. It is the effect of the permanent disability on your ability to walk that is important. Your local authority is responsible for deciding whether you are eligible and may ask you to undergo a mobility assessment with a medical professional.

How do I apply for a Blue Badge?

St Barnabas Hospice Welfare Team will assist you to make an application if you meet the qualifying criteria. We will complete as much of the form as possible for you and then send it to you for checking and signing. The signed form will then need to be forwarded to Lincolnshire County Council with:

Your local authority will get in touch if they need any more information, if they decide that you need a mobility assessment and to let you know whether your application has been successful. If the application is successful the council will bill you £10.00 before issuing the Badge.

Call St Barnabas Hospice Welfare Team on 01476 513544 if you think you will qualify and would like our assistance.