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In Patient Unit

Specialist palliative in-patient care can occur at anytime in the pathway for patients with complex palliative care needs.

  1. The service is available to people who have incurable, life limiting, malignant and/or non malignant disease. Most patients will have advanced; progressive disease and the focus of treatment will have changed from curative to palliative. Some patients, who have complex specialist needs, may be referred at an earlier stage in their illness.
  2. General criteria for admission are highlighted in the Responsive Need Indicator Tool and it is essential on referral that the referrer identifies the reason for referral and the current problems requiring specialist palliative care input.
  3. The patient and/or if appropriate their advocate should consent to the referral and to admission to the In-Patient Unit.
  4. Additional groups other than those highlighted in the Responsive Need Indicator Tool may be referred and will be discussed individually by the multi professional team as to the appropriateness of admission e.g.

Referral Process

The following Responsive Need Indicator Tool will assist in establishing the level of need the patient has for admission and can be used to identify a timescale enabling the health professional making the referral to have a target date. (Link to RNIT)

a. Calls for advice on clinical matters should be made to the In-Patient Unit on 01522 511566.

b. Referrals for admission to the inpatient unit can be made at any time but they will only be reviewed twice daily (9am and 2pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays) by the clinical team and this will be acknowledged with the referrer along with guidance on additional support/advice as required.

c. Referrals will be accepted from any healthcare professional.

d. Telephone referrals are accepted but must be supported by a common referral form which has been completed by the referrer and either emailed to, attached to the patient’s SystmOne notes with a share set up and a task sent to ‘IPU referrals’, or faxed to the unit on 01522 785711. Please ring 01522 511566 if you require a referral form to be faxed or emailed to you

e. The number of admissions accepted on a given day depends on available capacity: a combination of staffing numbers and available beds.

f. Members of the clinical team determine the appropriate waiting list category; admission often occurs within a day or two even if it is not urgent.

g. Occasionally capacity problems mean that patients wait longer than the ideal and every effort is made to ensure that, if appropriate, the patient and their family/carer are supported by alternative Hospice clinical services until such time as an admission can be arranged.

Tel: 01522 511566 - 24hrs/day, 365 days/year