St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire
35th Birthday

Hospice at Home

Hospice at Home offers a seven day a week service from 08.00hrs to 15.30hrs, 365 days per year. Referrals are made via the Palliative Care Co-ordination Centre on: Tel: 0845 055 0708

Hospice at Home service is an integral part of community adult palliative care, bringing the skills, ethos and practical care associated with the Hospice environment into the home.

Working in partnership with the key worker and all services involved with the patient, Hospice at Home aims to enable patients with advanced illness to be cared for at home and to die at home if that is their preference. Care may be provided to prevent admission or facilitate discharge. The care is provided by experienced registered nurses and health care support workers with specialist training.

The Hospice at Home teams now work seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, including all bank holidays, 08.00hrs to 15.30hrs

Contacting St Barnabas community teams

Lincoln and Gainsborough 07918758650
01522 518222 Lincoln
01427 679429 Gainsborough

East Coast team 07912084851 or 07912084846
01507 351501 Louth
01754 896928 Skegness

Boston 07912084841
01205 359367

Spalding 07912084845
01775 760140

Grantham and Sleaford 07912084842
01476 591010

Stamford and Bourne 01778 394324
Fax: 01780 484952